Some Background

About Lisa


 Hey! I am glad you made it here! I am basically a "fine dining foodie" trapped in a nutritionally-minded body.


Some of my cooking background includes 15 years of experience in fine dining and catering food operations as a certified chef. I have previously owned and operated a multi-location catering/cafe business and taught many amazing students in college culinary programs. In addition, I am a certified personal trainer and have competed in regional and provincial figure competitions. I am a self-professed non-denominational fitness devotee. Do what moves you to sweat. Then repeat.


During my time as a chef, I realized that there is a serious need for "real food". Nutrition that is accessible for everyone to become the best version of themselves. Both Celiac and Lactose Intolerant, I struggled to find food on the go that was both healthy and allergy-free.


This business was born out of the need to help other working families (just like mine) that want to eat healthy whole food while managing their fast-paced weeks. We need to face the fact that we cannot always be the full time working professional, full-time cook, full-time mom/dad/guardian and still keep our sanity.


In addition, I believe practical nutritional education is a huge factor in assisting families to eat healthy every day, not just in "diet mode".  In addition to education at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I am a life-long learner of people, earning my degree in the humanities at Trent University. Our minds are powerful tools, and when we are able to unlock that power, we can achieve our nutrition goals.